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ED Operations Dictionary

In order to update and expand its definitions, the ED Benchmarking Alliance (EDBA) held its 4th ED Definitions and Benchmarking Summit in 2018. This is an unauthorized version of those proceedings.

Doctor Interrupted

Understanding Physician Culture to Facilitate Change

Physicians can be the hardest group of stakeholders to bring on board with change initiatives. What are the best approaches for leading physicians through change?

Understanding Physician Culture

Is There a Doctor in the House?

The physician shrotage is upon us and will cross geographic and medical specialty lines. What are the effect stragegies to cope with this manpower issue?

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Applying Blue Ocean Strategy to the Foundations of
Accountable Care

Blue Ocean Strategy involves eliminating waste and increasing value. Can these principles be applied to the accountable care model? Can we create demand with new value added services in healthcare?

Doctor Interrupted

Smile for the Camera

Cell phone cameras threaten privacy. A picture can be taken clandestinely and by the time staff notices, the images might have been sent to others or even posted on the Internet! What are strategies for coping with this phenomenon in the ED?

Smile for the Camera

Night Warriors

Working night shifts takes its toll on laboratory animals and human workers. What are the risks of working a job that involves night shifts and what are the strategies to improve the night shift worker’s performance, health and well-being?

Welch Intake Models Summit

Abstract—Background: The emergency department (ED) is the point of entry for nearly two-thirds of patients admitted to the average US hospital...

Welch Rhode Island Hospital

Welch Twenty Years of Patient Satisfaction

This clinical review article examines the patient satisfaction literature for the past 20 years. This literature is summarized for qualitative themes and general trends. Intended for the practicing clinician, these...

Welch Using data to drive emergency department


The Tutorial on Emergency Department Readmissions



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